Allie Schweitzer is a social media, brand, public relations and digital marketing freelancer in St. Louis, MO.

I am a marketing strategist ready to help your business succeed. But just like you are much more than your business, I'm much more than a freelancer. 

I grew up in St. Louis, so I naturally have an affinity for toasted ravioli and square cut pizza. My husband, John, and I currently live in a 1930's home in South City and are parents to two rescue Australian Shepherds, Benny + Boo. I love design; I am inspired by interior spaces, architecture, fashion and art of all kinds. I love plants, but I can't keep a real one alive to save my life. I love the feeling of triumph when I’ve overcome an obstacle or reached a new goal, from running my first half marathon to coding my first website.

In my professional career, I've defined communications strategies, built and rebuilt brands, executed inbound marketing plans, launched a multi-million dollar fundraising campaign and more for organizations I still support today. I’m ready to support local communities and take my experiences to the small business level.


We haven't met yet, but we have a few things in common: we are both passionate about small business, and we both want your business to grow. 

My mission through SMALLSTRAND is to bring your vision to life. My experience has taught me the most valuable tool is to listen. I will hear your business needs and objectives and build a creative strategy that will achieve your goals, strengthen your relationships and enhance your brand. Together, we will communicate to cultivate and connect. I can't wait to meet you.

Click here to learn about what drives my passion for small biz, and even the story behind the name.